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Leading brands into the wild on multi-course, multi-venue journeys, we offer our clients insider access to today’s trends, providing a framework for our current culinary culture, illustrating best in class practices and brokering introductions to the influencers who are shaping our food movements.

Applying key learning and insights gained, we work with our clients to evaluate how trends translate to their industry and draw out implications for their business. To understand not only what’s driving our food decisions today, but how and why these trends align with their brand.

The goal of each workshop is to inspire ideation and identify growth opportunities, culminating in actionable recommendations to uncover new business solutions.

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Strategic Alliances

Brokering introductions to chefs, restaurateurs, purveyors, retailers and food entrepreneurs, we connect our clients with the right influencers and help brands build meaningful alliances with the culinary community.

Whether looking to sign new foodservice accounts, attract new restaurant tenants or align with new brand ambassadors, we work with companies to identify prospects and negotiate strategic partnerships to achieve their business goals.


Understanding our clients’ business objectives and leveraging today’s trends, we develop F&B strategies that best position new brands to enter the market with a distinct point of differentiation and unique approach to engage customers.

Once strategies are implemented, we help our clients activate their spaces, build customer loyalty and create new programming and content through creative food experiences.

Food has a transporting nature. We collaborate with our clients to harness this power and develop one-of-a-kind culinary activations that drive sales and help tell their brand stories.